RG Hanson is the world’s leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of industrial parts washers used in many industries. These are found in numerous applications for optimal performance of various parts and components. One of the industries we serve is the locomotive industry, and our extensive background knowledge of this industry helps us rebuild original machines with accuracy and reliability.

With our expert team of engineers, we can deliver success while meeting your specifications and requirements. Our in-house facility is equipped with innovative technology to ensure we engineer and build only the best quality parts washer that will exceed your expectations.

We can rebuild your old washers, and we offer a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. For customers who need a machine rebuilt, we provide rental equipment so business can continue as you wait for your rebuilt machine.

Large Industrial Washers for the Locomotive SectorSuper Washers

Parts washers are industrial cleaning equipment that can remove grit, grime, dirt, contaminants, oil, and other substances from a part or component to get them ready before various assembly operations. In short, its goal is to prepare and clean the parts thoroughly.

Parts undergoing manufacturing will have miscellaneous debris, deburrs, chemicals, or residue left. Before they go through the next operation, they must be free from these residuals and contaminants. It’s where our industrial washer comes in.

We understand how crucial quality is in bringing our clients industrial cleaning systems for their facilities. In the locomotive industry, washers play an integral role in their processes since it helps increase efficiency and preserves the integrity of their components. 59 years in the parts washer business means that with RG Hanson, you can expect a washer that will provide maximum performance.

Common Applications of Automated Parts Washers

We can design and manufacture an engine parts washer machine that adheres to the standards of the locomotive sector. With our in-depth knowledge of what each of our clients needs, we can develop a product that can do its job without a problem.

Here are the common applications of our engine parts washer:

  • Run vehicle parts formed from forming processes
  • Remove grease, road dirt, and grime from used parts
  • Prepare parts before welding and painting
  • Clean metal, aluminum, and plastic components
  • Restore used engine parts closer to their original condition

Specialty Parts Washer for the Locomotive Industry

We can make specialty and custom washers according to your projects’ intended application. These are designed to have a precise fit so that your parts won’t get damaged while being cleaned.

We can make them using different materials like bronze, stainless steel, copper, brass, and nylon. We can also engineer them to reduce vibration, protect your parts from abrasion, and provide electrical insulation. Our goal is to create a design that will achieve your desired results.

Consider your payload capacity and the operating environment when choosing a specialty washer. It’s best to consult our team of engineers beforehand so that we can suggest the best solution to your needs.

Benefits of Getting a Parts WasherR.G. Hanson Designs, Builds, & Distributes Industrial Parts Washers.

In the locomotive industry, parts and components must be free from surface contaminants or debris before they can undergo welding, painting, and coating. You need pressure washer engine parts to ensure they’re ready.

Apart from that, this industrial cleaning system offers numerous benefits, such as the following:

  • Safe and efficient method for cleaning parts
  • Uses water, heat, agitation, and environmentally safe chemicals
  • Cost-effective due to no labor required
  • Can clean any parts, regardless of size and complexity
  • Reaches tight crevices for effective cleaning

At RG Hanson, we are continually working on improving our processes to clean better amd faster while staying environmentally friendly. What’s more, we are developing systems using ultra-high pressure circulation pumps to heat our water tanks, maximizing cost savings and efficiency.

Trust Us to Produce a High-Quality Industrial Cleaning Solution

At RG Hanson, you can trust us to create your parts washer with the outcome that you’re searching for. We pride ourselves on being a reliable manufacturer that can provide our clients with the best industrial cleaning solutions.

If you have any questions or concerns about our services and products, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Whether you need a standard or custom solution, our team will help you find the best answer to solve your problems.

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