Steel Manufacturing Industry

The steel manufacturing industry requires efficient and reliable industrial washers to clean parts and components. Our parts washers are designed to ensure the highest quality standards in this industry.

Our machines include sludge and oil separation. We focus on providing you with safety and environmental enhancements. Our parts washers are built to withstand the harsh environment of steel manufacturing.

Typical applications of industrial parts washers in the steel manufacturing industry:

  • Chalks
  • Bearings
  • Mill Stands
  • Rolls

Railway Industry

The railway industry is responsible for transporting goods and passengers from one point to another. It’s a busy industry operating around the clock to prevent any delays in the deliveries. With that said, railcars are continuously exposed to various environmental conditions, and the accumulation of dirt and grime needs to be removed, or else it’ll cause malfunctions.

This is where the importance of using a washer comes in. Oil and other difficult-to-wash substances cover the railroad running gears and other components. Constant cleaning and washing will ensure they keep working up to par without problems.

Typical applications of industrial parts washers in the railway industry:

  • Railway bearings
  • Railway axles
  • Rail gearcases
  • Engine blocks
  • Wheelsets
  • Bogies
  • Traction motors
  • Power assemblies

These are only some components our parts washers can handle for the railway, freight, and transportation industries. Our products can hold more as long as they fit in the systems. 

It’s a massive part of maintenance, and having this investment will reduce other expenses in the future. For instance, unnecessary repairs would have been avoided if the proper washer had been utilized in the first place.

Heavy Construction / Large Engine Machinery Industry

The heavy construction and large engines machinery industry needs to have their parts removed of all dirt, dust, oils, and other impurities. Having our industrial washers in place will make sure that everything is clean before being reassembled. This will help keep the machinery running longer and more efficiently.

Our products are designed to operate with minimal manual labor required, which makes it easier for teams to work quickly and efficiently. They’ll be able to handle numerous parts at once in a fraction of the time it takes traditional cleaning methods, while also focusing on environmental and safety enhancements.

Typical applications of industrial parts washers in the heavy construction / large engine machinery industry:

  • Automated cleaning of grease, oils, dirt, paint and rust.

Energy Industry

Another industry we’re proud to work with is the energy sector. Everything related to energy sourcing falls in this category, and many types of energy sources are available today, such as wind, natural gas, nuclear, solar, geothermal, fossil fuel, and more. It shows they utilize different equipment, devices, and machines to aid their operations.

Their systems are constantly exposed to various stressful environments, negatively impacting their overall quality. These parts can quickly wear out, especially if not properly maintained or cleaned. They can be caked with grime and other heavy contaminants, which require immediate washing to prevent breakdowns.

Typical applications of industrial parts washers in the energy industry:

  • Fracking equipment
  • Compressors
  • Turbines
  • Heat exchangers
  • Valves
  • Condensers
  • Reducers

Only some components of an industrial washer can work within the energy sector. It’s best to determine if your part is compatible with our system to ensure that you can maximize its potential.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is very strict with its applications. Everything must be reliable, especially since safety and quality are of the highest concern in these settings. If a part is not working according to its standards, then the entire system is compromised and can result in more significant damage.

It’s why taking preventive measures is necessary for their equipment or machines. It includes thorough and consistent maintenance, which includes using an aerospace parts washer that adheres to aerospace standards. These are designed to handle the contaminants and debris that can compromise the part’s performance.

Typical applications of industrial parts washers in the aerospace industry:

  • Transmission components
  • Engine components
  • Breaks and landing gear components
  • Wheel hubs and bearings
  • Propeller axles and blades

Due to the demanding environment in the aerospace industry, the parts mentioned above should be in tip-top shape. It can be achieved only with the help of a proper industrial cleaning system.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is vast, and the same goes for its components. Different parts require thorough cleaning, and an automotive parts washer is essential if you want them to be ready before manufacturing. However, components are also washed since they’re constantly exposed to the outside elements on the road.

Oil, grease, and lubricants are present in these facilities, and the different automotive parts must be washed properly to ensure cleanliness and optimal performance. Plus, any dust or particles must be removed so that the part’s integrity and quality are not compromised while maintaining dependability in the long run.

Typical applications of industrial parts washers in the automotive industry:

  • Engine components
  • Turbocharger
  • Fuel system
  • Brake components
  • Steering components
  • Transmission components
  • Plastic dunnage pallets and trays
  • Drivetrain components

With the proper chemicals and cleaning tools equipped in the parts washer, these parts will look and perform as new again. Dirt can do much damage, especially if not taken care of immediately, but an industrial washer can prevent that from happening.

Importance of Industrial Parts Washers in the Industries We Serve

Parts that are caked with dirt will not function properly since their components are clogged and choked with contaminants. It pays to use an industrial parts washer—to keep your machines in good working condition. It’s an essential investment that can lead to greater rewards and cost savings.

Other reasons why investing in an industrial parts washer is imperative:

  • Excellent investment: Investing in these systems may be expensive at first, but it will save you money in the long run. Depending on the model you get, you can use it constantly to secure the integrity of your components.
  • The potential of cost-savings: You can save money with a parts washer since it can help you avoid repairs and replacements, which could have been solved with maintenance. In addition, these are designed to use less water, detergent, and solvents compared to manual washing.
  • Different models to choose from: Thanks to the evolving technology, we have designed and developed diverse models for our customers. We have specialty washers, turntables, immersion, super washers, and conveyor washers. They’re designed according to the needs of our customers to ensure they get the most out of it.
  • Safer work environment: These systems can instill a safer work environment since you’re not exposed to dangerous chemicals and solvents that can cause health problems. Furthermore, the risk of hazards and dangers, such as explosions and fires, is considerably lowered.

These are only some reasons you should invest in an industrial parts washer. With its many advantages, you can rest assured that your machines and systems will run smoothly for a long time.

R.G. Hanson Company has 59 years of experience providing engine parts cleaning systems to various industries, so we know what it takes to get the job done right.

Over the past five decades, we have designed and distributed industrial parts washers. Our fully equipped test lab assists our customers in developing cleaning specifications and selecting equipment.

Advantages of part washers

The advantages of part washers are numerous, such as:

  • Provides consistent cleaning results
  • There are a variety of methods available
  • Cost-effective maintenance and repair
  • Requires very little power to operate
  • Efficiencies in energy production and use
  • With so many eco-friendly processes and aqueous solutions available, you have plenty of options to choose from

Our Products

Specialty Washers

Specialty washers are clean and protect critical components in various industries. We have cleaning systems available for most part sizes and cleaning requirements.

Conveyor Washers

Conveyor washers are one of the most popular types of industrial parts washers. They are known for their efficiency and ability to quickly clean large quantities of parts. They use a conveyor belt to move parts through a series of cleaning stages.

Depending on the type of conveyor washer, parts can be washed with water, detergent, or other cleaning solutions.

Our conveyor washers are applicable in manufacturing and assembly environments where large quantities of parts need cleaning regularly.

Turntable Washers

Our turntable washers are a type of industrial parts washer that use a rotating turntable to wash and rinse components. It can be either top-loading or front-loading, depending on the application.

Turntable washers typically have multiple spray nozzles that evenly distribute cleaning and rinsing solutions over the component’s surface that needs cleaning.

Our turntable washers are used in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, railroads, and ocean freight.

Immersion WashersTurntable Washers

Try an immersion system when the recirculated spray isn’t enough to solve your cleaning challenges. Immersion usually takes longer but can clean internal passages that spray cannot. We offer even systems that combine a spray and immersion process to provide the best of both worlds. With our rotating spray immersion washer, you can clean, rinse, and flush 20 cylinder blocks.

Super Washers

These are perfect for use in industries where there is a need for heavy-duty cleaning, such as automotive and aerospace manufacturing. Super washers use high-pressure water jets to remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime from surfaces, equipped with special filters that trap contaminants and prevent them from being recirculated back into the environment.

Clean parts better than any other washer on the market

Parts cleaning systems are just one of the essential equipment for many industries. They come in various sizes and for multiple applications.

We have 59 years of experience helping businesses like yours find the ideal part washer for their needs. Let us share our experience with you to help find a suitable machine. Contact us today!

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